Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Want to conceive twins naturally without the dangers of fertility drugs? Over the past few decades scientists have discovered a number of natural supplements that increase your rate of giving birth to twins. Here are a few tips on how to get pregnant with twins.

Things You'll Need:

* Dairy products
* Yams/sweet potatoes


1 Be familiar with your family history. Twin births tend to run higher in certain blood lines than others. It is also know that twins tend to skip a generation. So if your grandparents had twins, there is a good chance that you will be able to conceive twins as well.

2 Put on a few extra pounds. Women that are a few pounds overweight are more likely to give birth to twins. However, don't stuff yourself to a point where you are unhealthy. This will only decrease your chances of having twins.

3 Eat a diet high in dairy products. Dairy has been shown to increase twin conceptions by 7 times the normal rate.

4 Add wild yams to your diet. Studies show that cassave, a type of sweet potato or yam is a form of progesterone which is a hormone involved in the female menstrual cycle. The skin of these yams are believed to contain a chemical that causes hyperovulation.

5 Wait until you are in your mid to late 30's. Studies show that women in this age range are more likely to conceive twins naturally.

6 Have a lot of kids. No Ocotomom stuff, but the more kids you have, the greater your chances of conceiving twins are mathematically.

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