Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to get pregnant with a baby boy

It is a human mentality that we all want everything the way we wish, the way we feel! We always seek things getting done as per our choice and our preference. This is the truth and it goes same when it comes to conceive. No married couple is left without having discussion on the future baby in their family. The commonest chat is all about baby boy or a baby girl? There are many couples who seek baby boy and the good news is there are many techniques that fairer the chances of conceiving a baby boy by ten times!

Let us now learn how to get pregnant with a baby boy:-

The best thing to learn here is to know old customs where a son was highly appreciated as compared to the daughter. The time has changed but for the couple who seek baby boy can adopt some ancient techniques that land the woman with infant with male gender. Ancient holistic healing practitioners advised a typical baby boy diet. This special diet includes meat (especially red meat), salty snacks (such as chips) and caffeine in little amount.

Also, including olive, eggs, peas, pickles, fish, sweet corn etc help women getting brighter chances of conceiving male baby. Some folk dietician practice typical alkaline diet that they believe is best way to learn how to get pregnant with a baby boy. Dried prunes, zucchini, mushrooms, avocado and beans are also advised to a woman who wants to conceive a baby boy.

Adding a little coffee just before hitting a sack would make male sexual partner to produce naughty sperms that would travel faster and fertilize ovum with a baby boy.

It is observed that Y chromosome sperms (the spermatozoa bearing Y chromosome) swims faster and is more active. It is this sperm that makes the ovum fertilized with a baby boy. They are more active but short lived. The key of success lies in getting these sperms to the ovum. Holistic science like Ayurveda says that a man is in his full sexual power during dawn or early morning (say around 3 am to 5 am) and intercourse during these hours may have more sperms. The woman seeking to learn how to get pregnant with a baby boy should grab him during this period.

Using the sexual position that places the sperms closer to the cervix may work to conceive a baby boy. The rear entry positions are preferable for the same.

Learning basal body temperature – BBT charts is helpful. Practice it for a few months and then an accurate ovulation period is learned. The woman should then concentrate on the period of ovulation and should get her sexual partner to indulge in lovemaking approximately 12 hr prior to the ovulation. You can also use Chinese calendar.

The woman who wants to learn how to get pregnant with baby boy should also suggest her man to avoid ejaculation for 4-5 days before the ovulation and coitus. This makes Y sperms getting the ovum as compared to the X sperms.

The woman should have orgasm that would pull the sperms to the ovum. This is very important in case she wants a baby boy. Nevertheless, keeping a pillow just under the lower-back region would allow sperms to travel faster to the uterus where ovum is waiting for fertilization.

Some sex-experts suggest that the woman should avoid sexual intercourse during the full phase of the moon and also during the new moon. The preference should be given to a quarter-moon for a successful intercourse resulting into developing a male fetus.

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