Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Girl

Exceptions are everywhere and so are a few million mothers-to-be across the world! There are women who wish to have a cutie pie, baby girl. If you are one of them and wondering if there is something you can do to heighten the chances of getting pregnant with a baby girl, the good news is you can do it! There are many techniques that come as an answer to your query - how to get pregnant with a baby girl.

# Know your basics. The gender of fetus is determined by your partner's sperm. The female is built with XX chromosomes and that is why the X sperm is the one who is going to make your egg a female fetus. The female making sperms are bigger and comparatively live longer. Nevertheless, they are sluggish too and hence, coitus a few days before ovulation would brighter the chance to conceive a female baby or a baby girl.

# The timing of having sexual intercourse is very important in learning how to get pregnant with a baby girl. You would want to have coitus several days before the actual ovulation. Nevertheless, if you have lovemaking too close to the ovulation, you may end up with a baby boy fetus. The sperm can live up to 5 days and you must get a time for coitus so that you would have it as far from ovulation as possible but still close enough that the spermatozoa would stay alive. You should avoid having lovemaking during the two days before the peak day. If you do not have a regular period, it becomes tougher job.

# you should adopt some special lovemaking positions. If you want to learn how to get pregnant with a baby girl, try to convince him to have a shallow penetration. This is preferably done with the missionary position as it deposits the sperm closer to the entrance to the vaginal tract. This area is found to have an acidic environment that favors the X sperm, the girl making sperm.

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