Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Get Pregnant

Deciding to get pregnant is the first step on a long and exciting path that will eventually lead to the beginning of a new family. The thought of conceiving a child may seem daunting but it is a process that has been present since the dawn of time. With the rising awareness on pregnancy health concerns and conception methods, it is easy to be misinformed on how to get pregnant properly. The truth is that some women get pregnant very easily while others find it difficult and need a great deal of patience and optimism. While it is helpful to question women who have already conceived in the past, the topic can be embarrassing and this is why it is necessary to perform some research.

Are you in Good Health?

The first step in getting pregnant is to make sure that your body is running at full health. This is known as a pre-conception health check and is something that everyone should perform prior to making a solid decision. The health professional will make assessments on factors such as method of contraception, current body weight, diet and exercise, medication, vaccinations and current lifestyle habits. At this point; existing, new or previous medical conditions and physical ailments will be assessed to decide whether you are able to safely carry a child. In addition, it is also possible to have a fertility test which the physician can arrange. This is an option that should seriously be considered as it will allow the greatest chance of success.

Know your Body

After getting the green light that you are healthy enough to get pregnant, the next step involves knowing your body. The best time to make love is on and around the ovulation period (3-5 days, before and after) and any other time for that matter. Try not to create a love making schedule as this will create tension and stress which will work against the mutual goal. Another note to consider is that exercise is an important factor when it comes to fertility. Research has shown that just 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week will help to increase the chances of getting pregnant. When it comes to diet; start getting into the habit of documenting what you consume in order to make sure that no products with adverse effects are entering your body.

Food, Beverage & Supplement Knowledge

Foods play an important role in the body and this is made doubly important when it has an added role of getting pregnant. Research has shown that a high calorie diet, rich with good foods will significantly increase the odds of a woman getting pregnant. Start getting into the habit of eating multiple portions of organic fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. If you are meat eater, make sure to keep this organic as well, as the ordinary kind may contain growth hormones and antibiotics. Fiber is important in any diet and this is just one of the reasons why you should consider moving over to brown breads and whole foods. It is also known that these contain higher levels of zinc. Try to increase the amount of good fats in your diet which are available from oily fish and well as from pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds.

When it comes to beverages, rather try and stick to water, fruit juices and fruit teas. Avoid caffeine at all costs which means avoid coffee, black/green tea, cola and chocolate. Avoid the bad kind of sugar and if you feel yourself craving sweets, have one of your favorite fruits instead. Additional foods to avoid include soy, lunch meats and white flour. Don't use strong medication; and if you feel yourself in pain, ask your physician for an alternative while trying to get pregnant. Important supplements that will aid in fertility include folic acid, omega 3/6, as well as the standard range of vitamins. Stick within daily recommendations and double check your supplements with your physician.

Relax and Stay Positive

The prospect of getting pregnant might seem exciting at first (because it is) but over time, if you don't get results, it is easy to have your spirits dampened. It can take a while to get pregnant with many women so don't feel disheartened. Instead, use this time to be free and experiment with your partner. By spicing up your sex life and trying different positions, the chemicals will be flowing which will aid in conceiving. After intercourse, lie down with your partner for at least 5 minutes and relax so that the sperm has a chance to get to where it needs to go. Under no circumstances allow sex to become a chore as this will hinder results and cause problems within the relationship. In short, a lifestyle with a good diet, strenuous exercise and as little stress as possible is the key for those who would like to get pregnant.

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