Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day orkut scraps

World is celebrating today Valentine’s day 2010 and exchanging gifts from their lovers. Everybody could be searching for some greetings they could send and Scraps that they can paste on there friends scrapbook.

Valentine’s day is also Called Saint Valentine’s day. Actually this was the original name which just shortened to Valentine’s day. This is the day to celebrate love and affection between intimate companions. On this day lovers express their true love by presenting gifts or flowers, offering confectionery and sending greetings cards.

Well for orkut scraps their aremany websites like orkut uncle, 123orkut, tucmuc, orkutlover, foontastic, scrapslive and sendscraps. Every website is fully loaded with greetings that you can paste on their scrapbook.

Well but before posting, one important point is that those persons using new orkut versions shouldn’t directly paste the codes provided, rather they have to click HTML tab first, then paste these code right there, otherwise it could lead some hazy codes out there and no photos.
Well here also i am posting some of the greetings cards which you may like to send to your lovers.

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