Thursday, November 26, 2009

Orkut receives a splash of color

As the months rolled by, Orkut has been espied making some great new changes like face detections for pictures and chat options. Just last month the social networking service was revamped with Google Web Toolkit. Now Orkut lets its users alter their profile and homepage color with just one click.

According to the official Orkut blog, the company’s product manager Eduardo Thuler stated that this feature was well-received by the public. Earlier, users could gain access to only five colors namely blue, green, orange, pink and black. With great feedback, the company has now added a whole plethora of hues for their palette for members to use.

Being pretty color contrast conscious, Orkut’s background color would also change. It would go from its standard blue background to a variety of other hues in order to perfectly blend with the users’ chosen color. The palette includes a variety of light and dark shades like lilac, purple, navy blue, grey, emerald green and so on. source:

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