Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rediffmail Uses Orkut/ Facebook feeds

Techtree News Staff has now integrated news feeds from popular social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook in the Rediffmail inbox. With this new addition, Rediff users will now be able to receive news feeds from these social networking sites without actually having to visit them. News feeds within the mailbox will help users to find interesting content like photos, videos and music shared by friends on these sites.
Users can sign up to receive news feed by providing their username and password details and Rediffmail will automatically import news feeds from the chosen social networking sites. Moreover, users can choose this service just as a way to see what their friends are up to, or for browsing and reading the stuff their friends share and actively engage them through email by sending comments and messages. Presently, this news feeds feature is limited to just two social-networking sites - Facebook and Orkut. However, the company plans to extend it to other social networking sites like LinkedIn, among others.

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