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Communities dedicated to Aarushi Talwar on Orkut

It is true that the online social networking site, Orkut, has been in news for all the wrong reasons lately. But this time, the website is being put to good use. Friends of Aarushi Talwar are remembering the teenager and are protecting her honour..
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ORKUT, THE internet social networking community where youngsters meet up to keep in touch with each other, has been in news on and off. Mostly, for all wrong the reasons. Like, on occasions when certain unsavoury and undesirable elements create hate communities and post hate scraps.

Orkut is again in news. But this time, it is for a poignant and touching reason. The murdered teen – Aarushi Talwar’s friends have formed communities on Orkut to condole her death and keep her memory alive. These young teenagers have shown much courage, solidarity and sensitivity by their unity by telling the world that no one can tarnish Aarushi’s character and honour. They also seem to be reaching out to Aarushi in spirit and telling her that she can rest in peace and they will take care of her earthly enemies. Not only Aarushi’s friends but other youngsters who have never known her too have shown much sympathy and support towards the deceased.

Orkut basically allows the global community to stay socially alive and is the only free popular platform accessible for youngsters to air their views. So, if they use this social networking site to remember Aarushi and pour their grief and horror at her murder, it is certainly not wrong. These teenagers have displayed the good, gentle, caring side of human nature.

In this harsh and cruel world where everyone is thinking of themselves - TV channels about their television rating points (TRPs), the police about their 15 minutes of fame, her parents about proving themselves innocent by contradictive statements in press and in media - these youngsters have gathered an abandoned soul and protected the sweet fragrant memory of her short life.

Rest in Peace "Aarushi Talwar"A tribute to Aarushi . Aarushi Talwar, to name a few.
In fact, there is also a community for Hemraj called ’Remembering Hemraj - Aarushi’s servant’.
In these communities, the words Aarushi had said on the last day of her life, her likes, her love of music, and the fun stuff she did are all remembered.
One community reads...

"This community pays tribute to Aarushi Talwar, a 14 year old girl who had been murdered on 15 May 2008 in Noida !The Girl was about to turn 15 On MAY 24th ! But her destiny moved the way against her will !! She had it all...Beauty with Brains..Intelligence and wit..
So lets cum together and pray for her !!be a human!For the Culprit is not very FAR! God Bless Her Soul !!!!! RIP !!!"

An unknown teen wrote "Although I don’t know you.. but I still wish..May God bless your soul dear aarushi.."The name of Aarushi’s Orkut profile that she had created, is, "AaRuShI :) loving LiFe!!!!!!" This is enough to make anybody’s eyes moist and misty!

This outpouring of sympathy and grief is also because the youth feels that she is a lost and lonely soul abandoned by her own her parents – her wall of security.

The way these young teenagers, with still that touch of innocence and understanding way above their years, mourn Aarushi and remember her with so much love and affection is so very touching and poignant. Candle light vigils, flowers, sombre prayer meetings and communities on Orkut and Facebook reflect the overwhelming grief felt for this little princess’ life that was cut short. Let us learn about solidarity, unity and protection from these teenagers actions.
Certainly these are the ways to protect her honour, not marking her death as a honour-killing as the police called it!
Rest in Peace "Aarushi Talwar"

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